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Oshadhi Meditation


Now is the time to take your well-being into your own hands, Well-being consists of more than a healthy diet, conducive lifestyle and exercise. There lies beyond the physical, our inner mental and emotion worlds; we also have an energy field combined with the field of breath. Deeper still within there is the field of the Divine.

As human beings we have the ability to function internally as well as externally, yet our interior gets over looked. We can only reach our full potential and get the most out of our lives by giving our interiority our full attention. As humans today we have reached a peak in worldly aspects of science and technology yet there remains undiscovered worlds within our awareness.  It is these inner worlds in which health and happiness can be maximised but only if they are worked with through

Breath awareness and meditative awareness


Energy work, on all realms of being and systems of the body

Lockdown has taught us not to take our health for granted; we need a healthy immune system to tackle such challenges as Covid19. The correct movements of yoga and qi gong work on all the body systems. Qi gong movements creating a flow of energy through the energy pathways (meridians).

Breath awareness is simply what it says, consciously breathing; the breath is a gift from source and needs to be used wisely. Meditative awareness starts with simply being aware of the breath flowing in and out the form. This is built on to eventually become meditation; which incurs a turning inwards and resting in the source of Being. It is not complicated but does require regularly practice to gain its beneficial results i.e. reducing stress levels and accessing the joy of life.

Meditation gives you control over your inner and outer life, it empowers you to sort it out. No longer do you have to be at the mercy of circumstance. If our interiority is unexplored its potential remains untapped; only by turning inwards can this be explored then change can then become possible. Empower yourself now to expand your awareness to embrace all your realms of existence. Each life is unique and precious, do not waste it.


Invitation to daily 8 am connection 

in silent and stillness.

We find ourselves in challenging times and worldwide we are all in it together, we are part of humanity and beyond.

We are born with the birth right of silence and stillness but as we grown up we lose awareness of that connection, yet it remains ever present within; it is eternal. It is a space of great depth that can nurture and sustain through difficult times. 

To find it you have to turn away from external distractions and look inwards. Through my group of meditators we have initiated a joining together in the subtle realm at 8 am every morning till 8.30 am. This will encourage the opportunity for pauses during the day with reconnection by simply fallng still and silent.

We invite you to join us for whatever time you can spare 5 or 10 minutes. To fall still with the body and silent with the mind. To calm the mind by following the breath at the bottom of the nostrils, staying with its flow gently in and gently out. Meditative awareness has many benefits in its own right.. 

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