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About me - Vanessa Graham

I started Hatha Yoga thirty years ago after my second child, when I was feeling low and lethargic; since then I have been on an amazing journey of learning. 

It was not until I met my meditation teacher and guru Peter Harrison that I took a great leap forward, that was twenty years ago. He introduced me to the wonderful ancient teachings of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanisads and so much more. It was a delight to read the teachings in sanskrit and hear their beautiful sounds, therefore I endeavour to learn sanskrit and share it with those I teach. It is all about resonance and energy.

As my interest in energy (sakti) grew and I travelled to Spain and Argentina to learn Energy Enhancement techniques and trained to teach it. I also trained to become a yoga teacher at the same time, as well as becoming a Reiki Master (on my return I was able to share this divine energy).

I continued attending my guru in London classes and retreats and followed his guidance. In 2006 I felt ready to teach and started classes in meditation and yoga. I have been on a learning curve ever since then. It was not a intellectual exercise, but how can I incorporate what I learn into daily life, to show others how to do so and for them to reap the benefits.  I greatly believe in empowering others to take their health into their own hands; for prevention and healing. I wrote two books about my journey: Hidden Path & Sowing Seeds and now am on my third Ko’ham – ‘Who am I’? (free as downloads).

To understand how the body works I did online anatomy courses and discovered a wonderful anatomy app that shows how the body works. I found it fascinating to know how everything is interconnected and that we need to work as a whole not in isolated regions. I did a Yoga Anatomy Course which showed me the means to do this. I then started a Self Healing Class using movement as a healing aide through yoga and qigong; as well as deep relaxation and breathing techniques. During this time I learnt the tai chi short form which took four years to master, this led on to Qigong, chi fusion and eventually Shibashi an easy to remember qigong sequence.

What I teach is movement, breath, mind and being working in harmony. Listening to one’s own body and working with it for well-being and health. This has opened up a whole new field of learning and the internet provides much information if one carefully selects. I even watched my first autopsy.

My personal practice has to come first, as I have to know before I can teach. I have tried and tested it all. I teach from my home in Henfield, West Sussex and sometimes at the Patanjali Yoga Centre in Battle.

My main focus is meditation and I hope to reach out to teach it to others. It is our natural birthright, as a baby we were born serene and peaceful; meditation is a journey to regain that again.

I am involved with getting my teacher’s work more available. He has been a sanskrit scholar for 45 years and is very knowledgeable in the field of the ancient teachings, Shakespeare and the Bible. I share his philosophy – love of learning.


Online Future Learn short courses: Inside Cancer, Cancer Immunology, Exercise Prescription for the Prevention & Treatment of Disease, Food as Medicine, Exploring the Human Abdomen, Psychology & Mental Health,  The many faces of Dementia, Mindfulness for well being.


Shibashi (qigong) and Chifusion


Yoga & Anatomy Course


Energy Enhancement, Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki Mastership


Creative Writing Course, Open College Network, Brighton

1996 - 1997

Health Authority courses: Helping People Change, Working with Groups, Leading Effective Group.


Person Centred Art Therapy Courses


Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Therapy Certificate of  Study Cruse Bereavement Counselling


Bachelor of Arts covering: sociology, psychology, social problems & social welfare, the handicapped person in the community, working with young people. (10 years as a  Youth Worker in village youth club) 


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