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Unique ashram retreat in the

Sussex countryside


Immerse yourself in the simplicity of ashram living at the Patanjali Yoga Centre in Battle with two dedicated and experienced teachers of Yoga – Monika and Vanessa. The peaceful setting of the ashram provides an opportunity to relax and re-energise whilst at the same time deepen your understanding of the ancient teachings on the Science of Yoga.

We will be looking at the importance of maintaining a healthy life style by keeping the physical body flexible and strong through the asanas whilst examining their effect on the inner systems of the fascia, lymph, hormones, digestion etc. Our body is our vehicle (chariot) in which resides our inner essence (the Self). On a physical level our chariot needs to be well maintained and oiled (through movement) in order to make this journey inwards.

The focus of the retreat will be ‘Self rides in the chariot of the body’ taken from the Bhagavad Gita C6.25.  This beautiful image is an ideal teaching aide to understanding the connection between the Self, intellect, mind, senses and sense objects.


Friday 5th July (4pm) to Sunday 7th July (4pm) 2019


Cost includes accommodation and vegetarian meals


To book or enquire contact Vanessa on vanessaegraham@aol.com

Or phone 01273 492468. Visit websites for more information  www.patanjali-centre.org.uk, www.oshadhimeditation.co.uk, or see Oshadhi Meditation on Facebook


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