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About me

I started hatha yoga thirty years ago after my second child, when I was feeling low and lethargic; since then I have been on an amazing journey of learning. It was not until I met my meditation teacher and guru Peter Harrison that I took a great leap forward, that was twenty years ago.

He introduced me to the wonderful ancient teachings of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanisads and so much more. It was a delight to read the teachings in sanskrit and hear their beautiful sounds, therefore I endeavour to learn sanskrit and share it with those I teach. It is all about resonance and energy.

As my interest in energy (sakti) grew and I travelled to Spain and Argentina to learn Energy Enhancement techniques and trained to teach it. I also trained to become a yoga teacher at the same time, as well as becoming a Reikki Master (on my return I was able to share this divine energy).

I continued attending my guru in London classes and retreats and followed his guidance. In 2006 I felt ready to teach and started classes in meditation and yoga. I have been on a learning curve ever since then. It was not a intellectual exercise, but how can I incorporate what I learn into daily life, to show others how to do so and for them to reap the benefits.  I greatly believe in empowering others to take their health into their own hands; for prevention and healing. I wrote two books about my journey: Hidden Path & Sowing Seeds and now am on my third Ko’ham – ‘Who am I’? (free as downloads).

To understand how the body works I did on line anatomy courses and discovered a wonderful anatomy app that shows how the body works. I found it fascinating to know how everything is interconnected and that we need to work as a whole not in isolated regions. I did a Yoga Anatomy Course which showed me the means to do this. I then started a Self Healing Class using movement as a healing aide through yoga and qigong; as well as deep relaxation and breathing techniques

During this time I learnt the tai chi short form which took four years to master, this led on to qi gong, chi fusion and eventually Shibashi an easy to remember qi gong sequence.

What I teach is movement, breath, mind and being working in harmony. Listening to one’s own body and working with it for well-being and health. This has opened up a whole new field of learning and the internet provides much information if one carefully selects. I even watched my first autopsy.

My personal practice has to come first, as I have to know before I can teach. I have tried and tested it all. I teach from my home in Henfield and sometimes at the Patanjali Yoga Centre in Battle.

My main focus is meditation and I hope to reach out to teach it to others. It is our natural birthright, as a baby we were born serene and peaceful; meditation is a journey to regain that again.

I am involved with getting my teacher’s work more available. He has been a sanskrit scholar for 45 years and is very knowledgeable in the field of the ancient teachings, Shakespeare and the Bible. I share his philosophy – love of learning.


On-line Future Learn short courses: Inside Cancer, Cancer Immunology, Exercise Prescription for the Prevention & Treatment of Disease, Food as Medicine, Exploring the Human Abdomen, Psychology & Mental Health,  The many faces of dementia, Mindfulness for well being.

2013    Shibashi (qi gong) and Chifusion

2010+ Yoga & Anatomy Course

2003-5 Energy Enhancement, Yoga Teacher Training, Reikki Mastership

2001/2 Creative Writing Course, Open College Network, Brighton

1996/7 Health Authority courses: Helping People Change,

           Working with Groups, Leading Effective Group

1995+ Person Centred Art Therapy Courses

1994  Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Therapy Certificate of  Study

         Cruse bereavement counselling

l982-1990 Bachelor of Arts covering: sociology, psychology, social problems  

                  & social welfare, the handicapped person in the community, working

                  with young people. (10 years as Youth Worker in village youth club) 


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