I first came to an understanding of the Universal Energy through meditation, then yoga, qi gong and and lastly reiki.

There is only one Energy but it is called by many names prana, chi, sakti, kundalini. 

All my teachings encompass the One Energy and is adapted to those that I teach.

I give healing as and when it is needed.

Reiki - Universal Energy

I have been trained as a Reiki Master and give personal treatments as well as attunements for the three different level of Reiki. Over my years of work with meditation, yoga, gigong and sanskrit I have seen the increase in the energy abilities of the students I work with and encourage its self use by the laying of ones own hands for healing using the energy.

It is self evident to those who take part in the self healing class when we are working with the gigong movements there is an increase in the energy emited from the palms. Gaining an understanding that this energy can be increased by positive effortless movement increases ones personal confidence in ability to use it for self healing.

This energy is quite different from the energy that is generated by food consumption, it is the subtle energy available from the Divine source. As a Reiki Master I channel this energy for the benefit of those that need healing, in turn it is the decision of the persons body to accept it or not. Healing is not in my province but the Divine’s.

Those that experience hands on healing experience deep relaxation, feeling warmth and nurturing being released into their body. It works on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki’s effectiveness

Besides numerous physical and emotional problems, Reiki can also help with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional turmoil, depression, low spirits and unable to cope feeling. The universal energy is channelled into your body in order for the body to heal itself and will travel to where it is most needed.

What does a treatment feel like?

The session begins by lying on a couch, fully clothed, closing your eyes and listening to soothing music, which will help to produce a state of deep relaxation. The Reiki practitioner will gently rest their hands non-intrusively upon you in a series of positions from the top of your head to the your feet.

Each hand position will be held for a few minutes, during which the energy will flow into you, balancing your energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain and promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is a relaxing experience, some people fall asleep others feel warmth or heat. Occasionally there might be an emotional release of buried feelings and these can be dissipated in a safe environment.

The immediate benefits after treatment is that your body and mind will have become very relaxed. Tensions and stresses will be released from your body and your mind will be in a calm and positive state. Reiki can boost energy levels, raise spirits and enable you to cope with everyday problems. Sometimes there can be a short period of feeling down as blocked toxins are released from the body but overall Reiki brings your body back into balance. The effectiveness of Reiki builds cumulatively and it is recommended to have between four to six sessions to gain the full benefit of healing. Reiki produces long term beneficial changes so that you do not have to keep coming back for endless sessions. It allows a clearing process to be carried out on all levels in a safe and caring way, often happening out of awareness and there is no need of continue self analysis. Unresolved issues sometimes need to be brought into awarness to be released and let go of.



Self healing hands using reiki

Hands on healing is a very helpful technique to learn for self healing. There is a subtle energy which permeates and surrounds us, which we can proactively move through our bodies and channel into others. It is commonly know in the West as Reiki (rei meaning universal and ki (chi/qi) meaning energy. All that I teach encompasses the universal energy in its perceived forms - prana in yoga, breathing and meditation, chi/qi in tai chi or qi gong.

Reiki was given to the West via Dr. Usui, he was Japanese and grew up in a culture where hands on healing recognised, he developed his own system through meditation. Primarily Dr. Usui was a meditator seeking his own enlightenment and reiki came as a bi product of this, he was requested to teach military officers to heal as there was a shortage of doctors.

Meditation, correct breathing and the movements of qi gong increase the student’s sensitivity to the universal energy. Once this has been felt there is an enquiry as to how can this be enhanced and increased for the benefit of one’s well being. As a Reiki Master I can give attunements at three levels as  the student’s energy awareness increases.

The first initiatation is Reiki 1 Healing Degree, whereby the student is attuned to receive a higher level of energy is for the purpose of self healing. Set hand positions are taught; once this has been mastered close friends and family can be give hands on healing.

It is not until Reiki 2 Therapist Degree, that strangers can be given reiki; the atunements here increase the student’s level of energy again, as well as providing protection from negative energy transference. It has to be stressed a Reiki Healer only channels the divine energy, it is up to the receivers body to either take or ignor what is available. At Reiki 2 symbols are introduced to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Reiki Masters is the last stage whereby the student feels very comfortable using the energy and has a indepth and intuitve understanding of how the energy works. Once a Master others can then be given atunements of 1, 2 and Masters by them.

This is not a process to be rushed, it takes time and practice to become familar with the energy. I am on hand to answer queries as they arise. I am pleased to say two students have completed the Masters recently, one is working with brain tumours and the other is in the HDU of a local children’s hospital. It is heart warming to see the medical profession opening up to the potentiality of Reiki working along side them.

Key points in Reiki History

Dr. Usui (1865-1926) was a popular and well known healer in Japan. He remained a lifelong Tendai Buddhist.

1922 Started his spiritual school, empowerments were to connect to the energy and did not have hand positions.

1923 Kanto Earthquake where 140,000 died.  Dr. Usui’s help gained him his Doctorate in recognition.

Dr. Chujiro Hayasti, a Christian, who was trained by Dr. Usui to be a energy paramedic as there was a lack of doctors in the Navy. He  put together the hand positions, training 13 Masters.

Hawaya Takata, a Hawain lady who was initially a patient of Dr. Hayashi but later became a student. She gained her Masters in 1938 and went on to teach Reiki in the U.S.A. She taught 22 Masters between 1970-80. She added the atunements to the teachings. This lineage has been handed down to the West, whereby most receiving atunments today can be traced back to her and ultimately Dr. Usui.

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