the Energies of Being


A beginner’s free introduction on how to work with the Sanskrit alphabet sounds.

Learn how to identify syllable sound bites in order to sound sutras for yourself.


This course is experiential not academic. I myself being self taught understand the challenges which can arise and know how they can be overcome. Sanskrit is more than just letters, they are the energies of life where each letter is a different energy of the One. Pronunciation requires precision of articulation in order for the energy to arise. Hence there are four positions of the tongue in the mouth area and the fifth is labial with the lips. Once you have mastered these, you will appreciate the construction and beauty of Sanskrit as a spiritual language. The sanskrit alphabet is called devanagri – messengers of the Gods. 


The course will be kept as simple and straight forward as possible. It will be particularly helpful to the yogic community. Just as there are asanas for the body there are asyas for the sound, you have to sound correctly in order for the magic to happen. Important aspects will be brought out but there will be some generalisation to give a flavour and encourage confidence to build. Like any new skill this requires practice, the more you do yourself the faster you learn. 


Subjects covered are: 


Vowels with their 5 places of articulation and associated 5 elements

Identifying and using vowels in devanagri text

20 consonants with associated places of articulation

How consonants & vowels form sound bites

4 nasal ‘n’ nasikas (essences of the elements)

Semi vowels and associated cakras

The ‘r’ positions

3 siblant ‘s’ (3 gunas)

Syllable construction & conjuncts



As Sanskrit is the energies of existence, it has many extra benefits on physical, mental as well as spiritual levels: 


Visual and hearing sense perceptions are improved

It helps to calm and focus the mind, expanding intelligence

The resonances vibrate at a cellular level aiding healing and cleansing

Eases depression and negativity by acknowledging the Universal

Helps learning and memory abilities, encouraging creativity

Enhances well being through embracing the Divine  

The initial sessions cover:

Session 1 - vowels and 5 points of articulation, plus associated elements

Session 2 - vowels in devanagri icons

Session 3 - introduction to 20 consonants

Session 4 - nasals - nasikas

Session 5 - semi vowels and cakras

Session 6 - the 'r' variants

Session 7 - 3 siblants 's' and visarga

Session 1.pdf
Vowels and points of articulation
Session 2.pdf
vowels in devanagri
Session 3.pdf
introduction to 20 consonants
Sound bites syllables.pdf
Using consonant and vowel combination practice
Session 4 nasals.pdf
The 4 nasals and corresponding asyas
Session 5 semi vowels&cakras.pdf
Semi vowels and their place in the cakras
Session 6 'r' variants.pdf
vowel&consonant 'r' variants
Session 7 the 3 's'.pdf
Session 7 sibilants 's'
Showing what is included and their corresponding sessions

The course date is yet to be set, depending on the interest and time zones. If you are interested in taking part in a short Zoom course please email stating the country where you are living.